The Facts About
Women Incarcerated in America








(Photo Courtesy of Gabriela Bulisova)

Females in jails and prisons in America: "Only 5% of the world's female population lives in the U.S., but the U.S. accounts for nearly 30% of the world's incarcerated women."--(Source: Prison Policy Initiative)

Trauma Women Survived Prior to Incarceration in America*

  • 86% of women survivors of sexual violence
  • 77% of women survivors of intimate partner violence
  • 60% of women survivors of violence by caregiver

Racial demographics: Women of Color make-up approximately of jail population compared to 36% who identified as White*

  • 44% are Black
  • 15% are Latinas
  • 5% are of other racial/ethnic backgrounds

32% have serious and persistent mental illness

 (Photo Courtesy of Gabriela Bulisova)

(Photo Courtesy of Gabriela Bulisova)


*Trauma-to-Prison Pipeline, Racial Demographics and Mental Health Statistics based upon Vera Institute for Justice Report 2016.