When Taylar Nuevelle arrived home from prison she had a five year plan for Who Speaks for Me? The first year her goal was to rehabilitate her image that the media had destroyed and begin to tell her story of what she discovered while incarcerated--the Trauma-to-Prison Pipeline for women and girls. Taylar wanted people to hear her voice and not dismiss the importance of the stories she wanted to share about herself and other women. Therefore, she began writing under the pseudonym Amme Vozand her first piece was published in Talk Poverty under this name.  The online version of The Nation picked up the article and it was their pull out quote of the day and the second most read article after Serena Williams. Now she writes and publishes as Taylar so that other justice-involved women and girls will come forward and share their stories to help dismantle the trauma-to-prison pipeline.

Vera Institute of Justice
August 2016

Writing as Amme Voz
Talk Poverty
July 2015

The Washington Post
April 2016